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About AG2R La Mondiale

A specialist in social and asset protection in France, AG2R LA MONDIALE protects 15 million policyholders, supports more than 500,000 companies and employs more than 15,000 people.

Yannick Lassalle - Corporate Venture & Open Innovation Director

at AG2R La Mondiale - shares his feedback on Klein Blue

and the use he makes of it with his teams. 


Yannick Lassalle
Corporate Venture & Open Innovation Director

Before Klein Blue

   “At Klein Blue, we have identified an opportunity: having access to a base of qualified startups , and therefore facilitating our research and our benchmarks as part of the explorations we are carrying out with the group's various business units."

 Klein Blue makes our research and benchmarks easier.

Yannick Lassalle
Corporate Venture

& Open Innovation Director

In 15 minutes,
discover all the power Klein Blue can offer

Why Klein Blue

      “For us, Klein Blue had very comprehensive data from the start. On the sourcing part, the ecosystem or the insights, we knew that Klein Blue's first steps had been made in our industry and that the perimeter of AG2R La Mondiale was well covered (E-health, Insurtech, Fintech, Intelligence artificial, Blockchain…)


     We then sensed a willingness on Klein Blue's part to co-construct with its customers. To listen to the needs, to improve and develop the platform."

The Klein Blue result

A SURM (Start Up Relationship Management) connected to the ecosystem

   “We manage our dealflows with Klein Blue's pipeline. Sure, there are other solutions, but the connection of the SURM to the rest of the Klein Blue platform allows us to go to a start-up file to see its comparables on the perimeter that we are looking at. Same goes for investments or benchmarks. It is important for the activities that we have, whether it is for innovation projects, sourcing solutions or qualifying opportunities.”

A benchmarking tool

   “What I like is going to a startup file and finding, thanks to its tags, comparables to benchmark. You can browse the comparables directly on the specific subject that you are dealing with but also on adjacent subjects thanks to the set of tags and groups in which you will find the startup."

Obtain a clear vision of ecosystems

    "Klein Blue allows us to get a clear vision of the horizon and to see the intensity of innovation on subjects that matter to us and on actors who they are linked to. So it makes our job easier and it saves us time in these searches."

The implementation of Klein Blue was an important step in the construction of our open innovation approach, allowing us to complete our tools while streamlining them.  This is a solid repository around which we have been able to consolidate and enrich our own knowledge management.


Yannick Lassalle
Corporate Venture & Open Innovation Director


Want to find out how Klein Blue can help you with your innovation strategy?

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How Klein Blue allows AG2R LA MONDIALE to gain insights on tomorrow's trends and on innovation ecosystems

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