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About AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is an international pharmaceutical company with a focus on chronic diseases such as cancer, as well as respiratory, cardiovascular and renal diseases. With more than 70,000 employees, the AstraZeneca group generates more than €120 billion in annual sales.


Aurélien Pécoul is responsible for partnerships within the Innovation Hub at AstraZeneca France. His role is to find partners in order to deploy solutions to help prevent diseases, diagnose illnesses and facilitate patient care.


Aurelien Pecoul
Head of Partnerships at the Innovation Hub

The new needs of the Innovation Hub

      "The launch of the Innovation Hub is fairly recent, and we felt that it was the right time to review the tools that were already operational at AstraZeneca: this new innovation hub corresponded with the implementation of new methods, but also with new ways of conceiving digital innovation at AstraZeneca.

      We already had a tool that we were using but which was more focused on documentation and on the relationship that we could have with certain start-ups. The tool also had to be updated directly by the AstraZeneca teams, which was quite laborious. We therefore wanted to find a new tool that would better match our ambitions in terms of innovation and that would, in particular, help us and make it easier for us to go and find start-ups directly with the information that is useful. We also wanted to be able to open up this tool to a small community so that we could run it."

Klein Blue health expertise is a real added value

Aurelien Pecoul
Head of Partnerships at the Innovation Hub

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The Klein Blue Solution

      "What we really liked about Klein Blue was the proximity we had with the local team, who understood our challenges, who understood both what we wanted to do and the ecosystem in which we wanted to evolve.

       It is this permanent exchange that allows us to go further in the use of the tool, and that allows us to encourage its adoption by the various employees.”

The Klein Blue result

Fast data migration

     "The transition from one tool to another is always tricky, especially for teams who are already familiar with a tool and want to change.

With Klein Blue, the migration of all our data was done in a few days, it was quite quick. And in less than a week, we were able to use the new tool with the data from the old one.

An intuitive platform

     "The appropriation of the tool by the teams was also very quick because there is training provided. But in the end, even without training, we can already do things, as the tool is very intuitive. All the users have told me "it's very easy to use. It's very easy to find information and to find your way around the tool”.

     The onboarding is done quite quickly, and it’s actually always ongoing, since we have new people coming in all the time”.

Consulting to meet specific needs

        "It's true that even though the platform is already very rich, we needed support on certain very specific topics, to go further than the information already given. There is a lot of information already available, but we always want to go further and so we wanted to benefit from Klein Blue's expertise to be able to go into more precise benchmarks with a slightly different scope.

        We always need to have this outside view which also helps us to make our decisions.”

Healthcare expertise at Klein Blue

    "For us, health expertise has real added value. The health sector is so specific that it is sometimes difficult for non-specialist systems to find their way around. In terms of understanding the activities and in terms of description, the analysis work of pre-qualifying startups is very important."

The transition from one tool to another is always tricky. With Klein Blue, the migration of all our data was done in a few days. In less than a week, we were already able to use the new tool.


Aurelien Pecoul
Head of Partnerships  at the Innovation Hub


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How Klein Blue solutions help AstraZeneca optimize its "Beyond the Pill" strategy

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