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About Groupe VYV

Groupe VYV is a company created in 2017, resulting from the union of several mutualist players. Today, it is the leading French player in health and social protection.
With more than 45,000 employees, the VYV group generates more than €10 billion in turnover per year.

Anne Gradvohl - Innovation and Facilitation Director of Group VYV, leads a team of 9 people working in 3 areas: monitoring, open innovation and design lab. She shares her feedback on Klein Blue and the use she and her team make of it. 

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Anne Gradvohl
Innovation and Facilitation Director

Innovation Department needs

   “Our open innovation objectives are to source and take advantage of the start-up ecosystem, to support our businesses on operational efficiency and value enrichment issues. We operate on our three vertical markets: health insurance and pensions, care and support, and housing.

      We must support working groups by providing participants with insights and going further in the recommendations and in the outputs of these working groups.
    We also support strategic projects on open innovation topics. When there are innovation requests in these working groups, we must identify their needs and the needs of the businesses, and we must create links with the startup ecosystems, from identifying innovative partners, up to the experimentation"

The comprehensivenessof the database really allows us to save time

Anne Gradvohl
Innovation and Facilitation Director

The Klein Blue Solution

In 15 minutes,
discover all the power Klein Blue can offer

   “Our management was built in 2019 and we met Klein Blue right from the start . We immediately felt a very strong bonding between us, a common language between the teams, innovation specialists, specialists in our industries.

    What is important for us is not to present a single partner to our businesses but several. A mapping where we will really identify the different value propositions, the nuances that there can be between two, three or four innovative solutions. And for that, the Klein Blue offer enables us to quickly understand who are the actors that are positioned on a specific subject, a theme, a problem, and what are the differences between them, in order to be able to quickly return to our businesses, and present them with a certain number of partners with a clear understanding in their value propositions.”

The Klein Blue result

The mapping of specific and cross-functional startups

   “Klein Blue allows us to map innovative players in areas in which the group is currently active: insurtech, fintech, health, and also proptech, as well as cross-cutting matters like HR and AI. It's really a fully comprehensive database in which we find many innovative players in our vertical markets and as well as on cross-functional subjects. »

Innovation cafés to meet the challenges of innovation

   « Since the beginning, Klein Blue has provided support and expertise in the organization of innovation coffees, that allow us to acculturate our teams, our departments - in a the broad sens of the term - to innovation stakes. It is a very important aspect of the offer in our mind. »

Studies to meet specific needs

   “The study module matches with our needs to make deep-dives, to focus on particular subjects or particular actors, in order to feed the dynamic around innovation and around employees, to give food for thoughts, and to help in the expression of department needs. This encourages key actors within our company to turn to us and request assignments to meet innovative players and imagine partnerships with innovative players. »

Efficiency through expertise

    “Klein Blue employees are experts in innovation in the markets that are valuable to us. There is no generalist approach which could weaken the knowledge, and that really enables us to have a very close proximity with the teams and to have a common language and a straight-forward relationship which allows us to really increase our efficiency. »

Klein Blue: A time saver

    "The comprehensiveness of the database really allows us to save time when we receive requests from within the company and we need to support them with searching and selecting partners. »

With Klein Blue, we are able to create a mapping of startups according to a specific theme, and classify them in order to see added value and how they differ from others

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Anne Gradvohl
Innovation and Facilitation Director


Want to find out how Klein Blue can help you with your innovation strategy?

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How the Klein Blue's platform and its analysts enables Groupe VYV to
accelerate its innovation strategy and optimize employee acculturation

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