A team of experts and a all-in-one platform for monitoring startups and strategic innovation. 


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A comprehensive and granular view of the innovative ecosystem

Find an exhaustive and up-to-date view of the key players in nnovation : startups, funds, corporates, accelerators,...


Strategic insights into the competition

Thanks to our platform, discover a 360° view of the innovation strategy of competing companies (investments and collaboration with startups, internal innovation, ecosystem).

Thematic summaries at your fingertips

Our thematics and adjustable  will give you easy access to key information on 25 startup themes (Fintech, Martech, E-health, Proptech, Insurtech, Legaltech, Blockchain, Mobility,...

A collaborative tool

Share your knowledge internally and build a common knowledge basse for your company.


Thanks to its entrepreneurial culture and its strong links with the innovation ecosystem (startups, innovation departments, VCs, accelerators,...), the Klein Blue team can assist youu in your strateegic innovation projects. 


Innovation strategy and model

Implementing an innovation model aligned with the strategy

  • Definition of the open innovation strategy

  • Reflection on the creation of a corporate VC

  • Review of the investment thesis of the corporate VC

  • Reflection on the creation of a startup studio

  • Definition of a process for working with startups

Smart Product

Design and launch innovative services in record time

  • Defining service startegy by ecosystem

  • Thinking about adding services to a customer space

  • Launch of an internal startup

  • Definition of an innovative service offer forr VSE and SME customers

Smart Transformation

Accelerate your transformation through startup collaborations

  • Benchmark and selection of  a roboadvisor for advisors

  • Exploration of AI use cases across the value chain

  • Exploration of use cases and partnerships around blockchain technology


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