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Hub Impact: Centralize your portfolio of CSR projects and choose the right partners.


Centralize and track all CSR initiatives and projects thanks to our collaborative CRM connected to key information in the Hub Impact.

Project Flow

Project Flow
Centralize and track all CSR initiatives and projects

Centralize your entire CSR project portfolio with our 100% customizable CRM.
It is
connected to our market intelligence, giving you access to key partner information updated in real time by our team of analysts.

Create a CSR dynamic with our collaborative tool!


Identify the most promising CSR partners

Our CSR partner database enables you to detect and analyze over 10,000 CSR partners listed in Europe in just a few clicks , thanks to advanced granular filters (description of their offer, key customers and partners, associated sustainable development objective, level of maturity, level of impact...).
Simplify your decision-making and accelerate your CSR approach.

Qualify and analyze CSR partners in just a few clicks!


Simplify the preparation of your CSR trade fairs

Optimize your trade show participation with a calendar of key CSR events in Europe (CSR Congress, Change Now, Pollutech The Big Green...), and participating partners (startups, associations, companies).
Filter the CSR partners that interest you in just a few clicks, and simplify your note-taking directly in your CRM space.

Take part in the dynamics of CSR events!

Decode the CSR trends

Decode CSR trends classified according to sustainable development goals.

Compare the CSR partners that interest you in a few clicks!


Schedule a discovery meeting!

CSR is at the heart of your issues and you want to know more about our platform? Our experts will be happy to guide you, so schedule a discovery session now!

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