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The Klein Blue team offers dedicated studies and consulting in innovation in order to answer all your strategic needs.

We offer three types of consulting studies: theme exploration, competitors' benchmarking, team acculturation.

We work in collaboration with our network of startups, innovation executives, Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital actors, and accelerators. We specialize in the following industries: Insurtech, Fintech, Healthtech, Proptech, Retailtech.


Get clear answers to you strategic needs: our experience and our network will help boost your innovation strategies and your teams !

Etude thématique innovation
Benchmark concurrence

Exploration of a

Analysis of startups in a targeted ecosystem and making a selection for a partnership or investment

& Acculturation

Presentation of innovation trends or inspiring themes for the management committee or all employees

Benchmark of innovations driven by competitors (historical players & startups)

Benchmark of
competitors' innovations

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