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The Klein Blue open innovation plateform:
The essential tool for your open innovation startegy


The KleinBlue plateform
Identify the most promising startups: the sourcing

Are you looking for that innovative startup that will accelerate your digital transformation? Do you want to evaluate a startup based on very specific criteria? Do you want to get closer to the future unicorn in your sector? We have the right tool for you!

Our database of startups includes thousands of startups in France, Europe and worldwide in fintech, insurtech, health, proptech retailtech etc.

In just a few clics, you can access the most detailed information on the market for each startup: description of their offer, key clients and partners, fundraisings, level of maturity, latest investments and collaborations. 

A clear view to facilifate your decision making and accelerate your open innovation dynamics.

The KleinBlue plateform
Compare startups in a few clics:
the benchmark


How to evaluate and choose a rare gem among thousands of startups? Rank, filter, evaluate and select startups thanks to our complete mapping according to criteria you won't find anywhere else: their offer, their maturity, their existing customers and partnerships, their workforce, the value chain. 

Compare startups based on reliable and accurate data.

Save time in your decision making.

Sourcing startups
Le Benchmark

The KleinBlue plateform
Stay on top of innovation trends:
the radar


It is hard to keep up with the latest trends in a sector, all the new offerings and the latest startup gems that are constantly innovating and evolving their products.

With our radar, discover emerging offers and services in your industry that your customers and competitors may have already identified. Gain valuable insight into the key players in an innovation trend.


Go further and benchmark all startups offering these innovations.


Don't miss out on anything new. Stay one step ahead of the competition.

The KleinBlue plateform
Discover your competitors' strategy:
the insights

Discover the innovation strategy of large companies competing in your sector: their structuring investments, their collaborations with startups, their startup providers and their internal startups.

Gather valuable information to guide your decisions.


The KleinBlue plateform
Collaborate easily with your team: the pipeline


Simplify collaboration with our startup CRM. Connected to startup records, information is always up to date

Speed up your decision-making by sharing your analyses and contacts with the players you have identified through the platform: meetings, attendance at an event, next actions.


Share your information internally, easily manage your startup relationships and engage your teams!

The KleinBlue plateform
Stay connected to your ecosystem:
the alerts

Automate your monitoring by creating alerts for the startups and competitors you are interested in: news in the press, latest fundraising or investment, their strategic partnerships, events they attend. 

Don't miss out on any important events! Automate your monitoring.

Le Radar
Les insight
Plateforme Open innovation Klein Blue.png
Plan a 15-minute discovery meeting

Innovation is at the heart of your problems and you want to know more about the most complete tool on the market? Our Klein Blue experts will be delighted to guide you! Schedule a 15-minute discovery session

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