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Market Intelligence & CRM plateform

An all-in-one platform for monitoring startups and strategic innovation.

With Klein Blue's platform, scout and benchmark startups.

Activate the best collaboration or investment opportunities.

Accelerate your innovation momentum,

Starting now.

Detect and analyze startups in just a few clicks, thanks to our granular filters.

Ideal for finding the innovative startup that will accelerate your digital transformation !


Identify the most promising startups

Our startup database enables you to detect and analyze over 50,000 startups in Europe and worldwide in just a few clicks, thanks to advanced granular filters (description of their offering, key customers and partners, fundraising, level of maturity, latest investments and collaborations).

Facilitate your decision-making and accelerate your open innovation dynamic.


Qualify and analyze startups on demand in just a few clicks !

Discover and analyze of your competitors

Quickly access strategic information from partners such as corporates, hubs, gas pedals and investors.

Analyze the ecosystem and discover your competitors' innovation strategy through their collaborations and startup participations.


Gather information and guide your decision-making !


Simplify your trade show preparations

Optimize your trade show participation with the calendar
of key events
in Europe and worldwide, and the startups
(VivaTech, SIAE, CES Las Végas...).

Filter the startups that interest you in just a few clicks,
simplify your note-taking directly in your CRM space.

Take part in the dynamic ecosystem !


Manage your startup relationships
and engage your teams

Centralize your startup relationships and knowledge with

our 100% customizable CRM.

It's connected to Klein Blue Market Intelligence, which gives you access to key information on startups, updated in real time by our team of analysts (fund-raising, major group collaborations, maturity...). 


Create an internal innovation dynamic with our collaborative tool !


Identify innovation trends

Decode industry trends with over 2,000 innovation benchmarks produced by our analysts.

Quickly compare key information on competing startups (description of their offering, key customers and partners, fundraising, maturity level, latest investments and collaborations).

Compare the startups that interest you in just a few clicks !

Les insight

Plan a 15-minute discovery meeting

Innovation is at the heart of your problems and you want to know more about the most complete tool on the market ?

Our Klein Blue experts will be delighted to guide you! Schedule a 15-minute discovery session

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