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The Insurtech boom in Europe

fintech horizon france 2022

The insurtech market has developed rapidly since 2015 with in particular 50% of the total funds raised, made over the past 2 years, particularly in Europe, which made 2021 a record year for fundraising – Insurtech being a 'winner takes all' market, with only a few unicorns reaping the bulk of the funds raised.

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The insurtech market is growing worldwide, boosted by massive fundraising

In partnership with Roland Berger, Klein Blue offers its study related to the Boom of insurtech in Europe and its trends in innovation.

This study will allow you to :

  • To get a vision of the state of the insurtech market in Europe

  • Identify innovation trends and insurtech archetypes that work

  • Assess emerging opportunities for traditional insurers

In this study, find in detail the 10 innovation trends that have shaped insurtech, their impacts, their growth prospects and the startups that have been involved in them :

  1. Neo-insurers for motor and home

  2. Pay-as-you-go motor insurance

  3. Neo insurers for health and protection

  4. B2C robo-advisors

  5. Climate and business risk insurance

  6. Automation of claim and fraud management

  7. Tools for insurance operations

  8. Tools for insurance sales

  9. Embedded and white label insurance

  10. Wholesale platform

Klein Blue and Roland Berger also analyzed the ecosystem development opportunities for traditional insurers, based on 4 insurtech archetypes :

  • The neo-insurer market

  • Insurance of new risks

  • Intermediate platforms

  • Tech for insurers

Which place for on-board insurance by 2030 ?

Find the complete analysis carried out in partnership with Roland Berger !


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