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Top 10 Insurtech fundraisings of Q1 2022 in Europe

French Insurtechs largely dominate this top at the beginning of the year.


Created in 2003, SantéVet offers health insurance for dogs, cats and NAC (New Pets) to individuals and insurance brokers. SantéVet also offers a telephone assistance service, or the intervention of a veterinarian in case of emergency.

Descartes Underwritting

Founded in 2018, Descartes Underwriting designs insurance products for insurers and reinsurers using machine learning. Descartes Underwriting relies on a wide variety of data sources (IoT, external data, satellites) to design insurance products, particularly against climate risks. Descartes Underwriting also distributes its products via partner brokers.


Created in 2015, +Simple is a digital broker dedicated to small businesses. +Simple covers the company's activity (liability, legal protection), the company's premises or vehicles, the health of employees and that of the company director. +Simple also makes its platform available to existing brokers, insurers or banks to better manage insurance contracts dedicated to small businesses.


Created in 2007, Xempus develops XEMPUS manager, a platform for companies to digitalize their employees' retirement savings plan. Xempus also offers employees myXEMPUS, a real-time retirement savings plan dashboard to monitor it.


Founded in 2012, Squirro specializes in customer data analysis. Squirro offers several services including "Customer Insights" which provides a 360° view of the customer by unifying multiple databases and allows targeting the right person at the right time to reduce the risk of churn. Squirro also offers "Service Insights" which allows a company to improve the management of its services by automating the allocation of its resources.


Created in 2018 and approved by the ACPR since December 2019, Seyna develops white-label car insurance, unpaid rent, cancellation and animal health products for specialists and non-specialists of the insurance sector. Seyna also provides its insurance and distribution customers with digitalization technologies: Seyna Sell to automate the underwriting tunnels, Seyna AML to fight against money laundering, and soon Seyna Claims to automate the claims management.


Founded in 2017, Insurely provides insurers with solutions available via APIs that leverage open insurance data to optimize offers, pricing, provide a more personalized customer experience and perform cross-sell. Insurely develops solutions to compare an insurance contract with other offers on the market and to easily change contracts. Insurely also offers a white label module that can be integrated into an existing website or application to distribute insurance products.


Created in 2020, Gaia is developing an insurance product for individuals to democratize access to IVF (in vitro fertilization). Gaia predicts the chances of success of an IVF as well as the number of treatment cycles required. Then, Gaia covers the medical costs, drugs, consultations with an embryologist during IVF as well as the risk of failure of the process. Thus, Gaia only charges for successful IVF, which is divided into monthly premiums.


Created in 2016, Thinksurance develops a platform for insurance distributors (brokers, wholesale brokers, banks...) to digitalize the entire commercial insurance distribution process. Thinksurance connects insurers and distributors on its platform.

Founded in 2019, Insify offers a 100% digital business insurance for self-employed people and business leaders. Insify uses algorithms to provide its customers with the most suitable offer for their needs.

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