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Top 10 Fintech fundraisers of Q1 2022 in Europe

2022 is off to a good start! The record amount in Fintech of 2021 (€828M) has already been beaten by, with €877M!

Founded in 2012, provides e-retailers with various international payment solutions. In particular, offers a unified and customized payment platform via API and tools to fight fraudulent payments. also enables businesses to accept a variety of payment methods worldwide, including digital wallets, local payments and national cards. acquired the startup ProcessOut in early 2020.


Launched in July 2017, Qonto is a neobank for entrepreneurs, startups and VSEs. Qonto provides all the traditional banking services (IBAN, bank card, transfers & direct debits) while simplifying the monitoring of its customers' activity. Qonto is supported by various accounting software and, thanks to its partnership with Infogreffe, assists business creators in filing their share capital. Qonto now offers a classic loan and PGE offer to its customers, thanks to a partnership with October. In 2021, Qonto will launch the Flash card, a 100% virtual ephemeral card allowing employees to make their business expenses without advancing any money.


Founded in 2011, GoCardless offers a recurring or one-time bill collection solution.


Created in 2015, PayFit is a payroll management solution for professionals. PayFit automates the edition of pay slips and social declarations while providing employees with a personal space where they can make their holiday requests and add their expense reports.


Founded in 2014, Lendable is a lending platform for individuals. Lendable automates the entire loan lifecycle, from credit scoring to interest repayment.


Created in 2015, ClearBank offers financial institutions (fintechs, banks) a solution to optimize their financial services in order to improve their customer service. The offer includes bank account management, multi-currency accounts or payment processing. The services are based on cloud technology and various APIs, which make banking processes more efficient and faster while ensuring financial inclusion.


Created in 2019, Scalapay offers e-retailers and their customers payment solutions in several installments without fees to pay for their purchases. Scalapay allows e-retailers to offer payment in 3 instalments online, or in store via a QR code.

Genesis Global

Founded in 2012, Genesis Global develops a low-code platform for institutions to quickly create applications for the financial markets. Genesis Global allows to transform excel sheets into applications with Excellerator, automate data flows or develop trading applications.


Founded in 2015, PrimaryBid allows publicly traded companies to raise funds from retail investors. Investors access shares at the same price and at the same time as institutional players.


Founded in 2019, Wayflyer offers e-retailers a funding platform. Wayflyer allows them to choose the financing option that best suits their needs, such as investing in inventory, marketing or other initiatives. Wayflyer also offers access to Wayflyer Insights to optimize marketing performance using analytics dashboards and with the help of Wayflyer marketing experts.

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