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2023’s Fintech trends in Europe

Fintech trends 2023

We are thrilled to present the 5th edition of our annual fintech study, Fintech Trends 2023 in Europe, focusing on the evolving landscape of fintech across Europe.

In this study, we provide an overview of the year 2022, as well as the top trends to follow in this sector in the coming years.

Despite being one of the most dynamic sectors, the European fintech ecosystem has not been immune to the recent decline in funding. Over the past year, there has been a decrease in fundraising, with a 33% drop from 2021 to 2022. It is mostly due to the current macroeconomic context, which has led to a sharp decrease in late-stage funding, foreign funds withdrawing from the European market and a rise in debt financing (vs equity).

This shift emphasizes the importance of putting the business model at the core of startups' strategies, moving away from a hyper-growth mindset. The focus is now on consolidating the market around the most promising fintech companies that have the potential to become future European leaders.

However, we have seen a few good deals in 2022, driven by fintechs that are becoming mature and gaining a foothold on the European scale, sometimes through acquisitions, such as Qonto or GoHenry.

The second part of our study highlights eight key trends that will shape the European fintech landscape in 2023. And for each of them, an overview of the current trend, outlooks and the key innovative players to follow.

- The emerging trend of Asset Tokenisation, with key players such as Tokeny or .Arianee

- The major trend of B2B Impact Investing and Carbon Footprint, with key players such as Right or Arabesque

- The major trend of B2C Impact Investing and Carbon Footprint, with key players such as Greenly or Bunq

- The rising trend of Cyber Insurance, with key players such as Stoik or Baobab

- The top trend of Embedded Finance, with key players such as Tink or Treezor

- The top trend of Embedded Insurance, with key players such as Simplesurance or Seyna

- The underlying trend of Financial Education, with key players such as GoHenry or P.F.C

- And the Fintech Ops trend, with players such as Numeral or Finom

To find out more, read the full study !


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