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Insurtech & Innovation in insurance - November 2021

Insurtech panorama 2021

To end 2021, Klein Blue presents its Insurtech Panorama in France, which lists startups operating in the insurance sector or offering services to insurers. This panorama was produced in partnership with Finance Innovation.

Discover in detail the content of this study on Insurtech and innovation in the insurance sector in France:

  • The amount of funds raised by French insurtechs in 2021 (as of November 2021) represents 25.6% of European investments in the sector and amounts to €504.6M (+178.8% vs. the whole of 2020) for 25 operations

  • A panorama of 252 startups classified in three main categories:

- Product: 21 startups in the following sub-categories: White Label, On-Demand, Parametric, Community, Behavioural

- Distribution: 108 startups in the following sub-categories: Home/Auto, Rental Guarantee, Individual Savings/Life Insurance, VSE and Startup Brokers, Expatriate Health, Students, Group Savings, Health Insurance, Micro-mobility, High-tech, Loan Insurance, Cyber Insurance, Animal Health, VTC Insurance, Removal, Other Brokers

- Services for insurers and brokers: 123 startups in the following sub-categories Actuarial & Risk, Claims & Adjustment, Dynamic Pricing, Investments, Support, Online Distribution Support, Marketing & Data, B2B Roboadvisors & Customer Profiling, Compliance, Underwriting & Management, Reinsurance Services, Other Services to Insurers

  • A top 10 list of the startups that have raised the most funds this year, including the amount of their latest fundraising, their ambitions, their key figures for 2021 and their key partnerships/clients. Among the 10 startups in this top, we find on the podium:

- Alan - €185M: The neo-insurer that is revolutionizing health insurance for businesses and freelancers

- Shift Technology - €183M: The platform that automates claims management and improves fraud detection

- Acheel - €29M: The neo-insurer that offers 100% online general insurance to individuals

To conclude this study, we present our partnership with Finance Innovation.


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