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Top 25 fundraisers of 2021 in Europe

Fundraising has broken all records this year! 3 startups raised more than €1B: Northvolt, Delivery Hero (twice!) and Just Eat


Founded in 2016, Northvolt designs and develops eco-responsible lithium batteries adapted to different sectors: automotive, renewable energy, industry, telephony.

Delivery Hero

Founded in 2011, Delivery Hero offers local delivery of restaurant meals as well as home shopping to individuals. The company allows users to order directly on its different brands' apps, and then makes the delivery with its fleet of delivery drivers.

Just eat

Founded in 1998, Just Eat Takeaway (a merger of and Just Eat) offers a meal delivery service. Just Eat Takeaway allows users to order restaurant meals directly on the app offered and operates the delivery with its fleet of delivery drivers. Just Eat Takeaway is present in more than 20 countries with the brands Just Eat (Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, India and Canada), MenuLog (Australia and New Zealand), BGmenu (Bulgaria), Oliviera (Romania), (Switzerland), IFood (Brazil) and Sin Delantal (Mexico) and 10bis (Israel) and Lieferando in Germany.


Founded in 2008, Sinch offers companies a multi-channel messaging platform that integrates with the website. Sinch allows to communicate by message and by call, to create chatbots based on artificial intelligence and to secure data thanks to a verification system.


Founded in 2011, Celonis develops a process mining platform that enables its clients to analyse their operational processes.


Founded in 2015, Grover offers individuals subscriptions to rent technology products. Depending on the formula billed by the month, quarter or year, it is possible to borrow computers, phones, but also voice speakers or virtual reality headsets.


Created in 2005, Klarna offers e-merchants several online payment solutions. Klarna offers the customer the possibility of being charged only after receiving the order by advancing the money to the merchant (BNPL), and also allows him to pay in one click or in several installments. Klarna also offers a DSP2 compliant Open Banking solution. Klarna now offers its customers a loyalty program called Vibe, as well as a virtual and physical card to pay offline anywhere. Klarna is also developing an application that allows individuals to browse all merchant sites, track product prices and pay in installments. Klarna now offers bank accounts for individuals in selected European countries. In 2022, Klarna launches "Klarna Kosma" an open banking solutions provider for banks, fintechs and merchants.


Founded in 2020, Gorillas offers an app for individuals to get groceries delivered. The app allows people to choose from groceries and other household items and get home delivery within ten minutes.


Established in 2019 by the union of car manufacturers BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, as well as Audi and Porsche of the Volkswagen Group and Hyundai, Ionity is developing a European network of high-power charging stations HPC (High-Power-Charging) for electric vehicles.


Founded in 2013, N26 has been a neobank for individuals and businesses since 2015. The banking offer includes a bank card, international transfers, repayment between relatives, categorization of expenses as well as consumer credit and insurance. N26 also markets a banking offer for self-employed entrepreneurs including a Mastercard Business and 0.1% cashback on every purchase. N26 is also developing a retroactive fractional payment solution.


Founded in 2011 before merging with Payleven in 2016, Sum Up offers merchants several types of mobile payment terminals. Sum Up supports contactless payments (NFC), via pin code as well as electronic wallets. Sum Up markets a mobile reader connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone (Sum Up Air), a mobile reader with an integrated sim card (SumUp 3G) and a payment software (Sum Up Point of Sales). Sum Up also offers a payment card linked to the mobile payment terminal. In 2021, SumUp acquires Tiller (touch-sensitive cash register) and launches a bank account for merchants, liberal professions and micro-businesses.

trade republic

Founded in 2015, TradeRepublic is a mobile trading app that allows individuals to invest in stocks and ETFs without commission fees.

inigo ltd

Established in 2020, Inigo Limited is a neo-insurer/reinsurer specializing in random risks (natural disasters, nuclear, terrorism, political instability, etc.) for the maritime and energy sectors.


Founded in 2018, Cazoo is developing an online platform for selling used vehicles to individuals. Cazoo's customers pay for their vehicle online, have it delivered to their home (or pick it up at a Cazoo center), and can resell their old vehicle to Cazoo, which will pick it up upon delivery. Cazoo offers its customers a one-week trial period, after which the vehicle can be taken back free of charge if they are not satisfied. In 2021, Cazoo will acquire Smart Fleet Solutions to integrate it into its offer.


Launched in 2015, Revolut is a neobank for individuals and businesses. The banking offering includes a bank card, international transfers at real exchange rates, crypto-currency purchases, repayment between relatives, categorization of expenses as well as rounding savings. Revolut also markets its own travel and phone insurance offerings. For professionals, Revolut offers a prepaid bank card as well as easy accounting integration. Revolut has also launched Revolut Junior in 2020, its offer for 7-17 year olds, and in 2021 Stays, a travel booking service directly via the app with cashback.


Founded in 2004, Mollie offers several online payment solutions to businesses. The offer includes an online payment API, recurring payment and alternative payment methods (Apple Pay).


Founded in 2020, Flink offers a home shopping delivery service to individuals. Flink deploys a mobile app on which individuals can order their groceries and be delivered in less than 10 minutes. Flink has its own warehouses in which products are stored and from which the groceries are shipped.

prodigy finance

Founded in 2006, Prodigy Finance offers a platform that allows international students to apply for student loans without a co-signer, guarantor or surety. The loans are collectively funded by a community of alumni, institutional investors and private investors.


Founded in 2013, Bolt (formerly Txfy) offers an application that connects VTC drivers and customers (professionals or individuals) as well as a self-service electric scooter service. Bolt also offers Bolt Food, a restaurant meal delivery service by couriers.

pic nic

Founded in 2015, Picnic offers a home grocery delivery platform for individuals. Picnic technologies therefore offers an application on which consumers can do their shopping. The delivery is made on D+1 in order to optimize the delivery routes and to guarantee the minimum possible waste.

berlin brands group

Founded in 2005, Berlin Brands Group (Chal-Tec prior to 2019) is a vertical commerce company specializing in the acquisition and development of D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) brands. BBG controls the entire product creation process, from conception to distribution.

message bird

Founded in 2011, MessageBird is a multi-channel marketing communication platform between companies and their customers. MessageBird allows, via its API, to create programmable conversations on all messaging media.


Created in 2018, Sorare is an online football simulation game based on blockchain technology. Sorare allows users to buy "crypto" cards of their favorite players to compose an asset portfolio and, based on the player's actual performance, the user will be able to collect a payout.


Founded in 2019, SaltPay provides payment and collection solutions for small and medium-sized merchants. SaltPay develops payment terminals, personalized loyalty programs linked to payment terminals, and a platform to manage transactions with customers and suppliers.


Founded in 2011, Flixbus is a coach company offering low-cost travel in Europe. Flixbus also offers a bus rental service with driver on demand.


Founded in 2014, Wefox (formerly Finance Fox) is an insurance brokerage that covers three main activities: expertise in insurance consulting via its agents and conversational artificial intelligence, a coverage management platform made available to policyholders, brokers and insurers, and finally the brokerage of third-party insurance solutions. In addition, in 2017 Wefox acquired ONE, the first digital insurer reinsured by MunichRE.

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