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Insurtech 100 EMEA

Insurtech 100 EMEA

Insurtech 100 EMEA

Klein Blue unveils its exclusive Insurtech study. This panorama is the Klein Blue Selection of the 100 EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) Insurtech any insurer need to be aware of in 2018.

Find out more:

- Key figures from Klein Blue's selection, including 40% of the start-ups having been created after 2016, illustrating the exponential growth of this sector, notably thanks to the variety of new offerings, as well as the growing opportunities for collaboration between insurtechs and insurers.

- A granular overview of 100 startups in the insurance sector, selected by Klein Blue and divided into 3 categories: product, distribution, services.

- A segmentation by country of the different insurtechs in this panorama: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Belgium, Spain, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Austria, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Sweden and Tanzania.

- A listing of the main innovative players in the sector such as :


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