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KB 50 Future Unicorns: Klein Blue's selection of the 50 future French unicorns


Using its platform and proprietary algorithm, Klein Blue sought to identify the 50 potential future French unicorns.

Our algorithm has allowed us to select startups based on several key metrics: headcount growth, location growth, funding and last known valuation. We exclude companies that have been acquired or taken public. The head offices of the companies in the ranking are exclusively located in France.

In this publication, you will find the panorama of future French unicorns selected by Klein Blue, with a particular focus on 10 startups in Klein Blue's main sectors - Insurtech, Fintech and Health.

The rise of unicorns in 2021

The French startup ecosystem has had a particularly busy start of 2022: no less than 4 new scale-ups have achieved unicorn status, namely Qonto, Ankorstore, Exotec and Payfit. They now bring the number of unicorns in France to 24.

Fintech and Retailtech stand out as the two most dynamic sectors in France, both in terms of quantity (7 and 6 unicorns respectively) and valuation: BackMarket (€5M) and Qonto (€4.4M) form the leading duo, followed by Sorare (€3.8M).

The emergence of champions is accelerating

2021 : a record year in number of unicorns

Several key factors have led to the emergence of tech champions in France in 2021, including the forced digitalisation linked to the health situation, the sharp increase in subsidies and financing available to entrepreneurs, and the increased interest of international investors in the French market.

Discover the complete panorama of the 50 (potential) future French unicorns and a zoom on 10 of them, including a detailed description and traction metrics, by downloading the complete study!


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